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Camping Rates and Rules

Regular Rates

$45 Daily with utilities (includes sales tax)
$250 Weekly with utilities (includes sales tax)
$550 Monthly with utilities up to 4 people (sales tax exempt)
$2,100 Seasonal up to 4 people (May 1 - September 30th) (Sales tax exempt)
$4 per person over 4 people

$35 Daily without utilities (includes sales tax)
$150 Weekly without utilities (includes sales tax)
$300 Monthly without utilities (sales tax exempt)

For event camping rates, please call the Fair Office at 651-463-6900.

Permitted Uses:

Campsites are limited to:

1 RV, or
1 RV with 1 Tent (size of area permitting), or
All sites are permitted 1 tow behind trailer or vehicle (size of area permitting)

Campground Rules

  1. Check in time is 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday and 9:00am to 1:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
  2. Quite time is 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.
  3. Pets must be leashed when outside of RV.
  4. Owners must clean up after pets.
  5. No open fires without permit, must be above ground in portable fire pits with a top screen.
  6. Maximum speed limit on the grounds is 10 MPH.
  7. No metal detecting on the grounds.
  8. Bag all garbage and place in dumpster located in dumpster enclosure.
  9. Fire ashes to be put into metal ash container inside dumpster enclosure, do not dump on ground.
  10. Outside storage of belongings is not allowed.
  11. Keep campsites clean and neat.
  12. Respect the privacy of other campers and don’t walk through or between other sites.
  13. Turn off all outside lights when retiring for the night.
  14. No major repair work to be done on-site (i.e. changing oil, engine repairs etc.).
  15. Visitors must leave campgrounds by Midnight, quite time after 10:00 PM.
  16. Visitors are to use parking areas on the grounds.
  17. All people staying in RV must be listed on registration envelope by name.
  18. If staying for a month or seasonal, the fee must be paid in full at time of arrival.
  19. The campgrounds and the grounds of DCAS has NO severe weather shelters, campers are responsible to seek their own shelter during severe weather.
  20. Campsite are limited to 1 RV, or 1 RV with 1 Tent (size of area permitting).
  21. Campsites are limited to 1 tow behind trailer or vehicle (size of area permitting).
  22. Use of the Dump Station is included in fee.
  23. There are additional rules and form examples in the DCAS Campground Rule Policy.
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