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Premium Book


  1. No person will be permitted to distribute advertising matter on the fairgrounds, except from their place of business or exhibit. The tacking or posting of any advertisement, bill, cards, etc., other than within the space occupies, will be liable to a fine or expulsion from the grounds, as the board may elect.
  2. Exhibits are limited to residents of Dakota County and Minnesota counties that border on Dakota County which include: Goodhue, Rice, Scott, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington.
  3. No article shall compete for more than one lot.
  4. No article will be assigned a place on the grounds until entry shall have been made. Late entries cannot be guaranteed exhibit space by the fair management.
  5. Articles must be entered in the name of the bona fide owners, and vegtables, fruit, dairy products and domestic manufacture, must have been raised or made by exhibitors thereof.
  6. The association has the right to reject any exhibit it feels inappropriate.
  7. Every article in competition must correspond in number and description with the premium book, and be in its proper class, in order to obtain awards. No change or alteration will be permitted after the books are placed in the hands of the judges.
  8. Each entry tag shall be securely attached to the entry itself, or the stall, pen or receptacle in which it is shown.
  9. Any exhibitor who removes an exhibit prior to the designated release time will thereby forfeit any award earned on said exhibit. See the respective departments for release information.
  10. All exhibits must be removed from the fairgrounds by 9:00pm, Sunday, August 11, 2024. The Fair is not responsible for any items left after 9:00pm on that day.
  11. Exhibition of articles not competing for premiums must be arranged for with the department superintendent, and will be arranged for as far as possible in conformity with the wishes of the exhibitor.
  12. Those in charge of the different departments shall group each lot in the various classes.
  13. The association will take every precaution in its power for the preservation of articles on exhibition, but cannot be responsible for the theft, loss or damage that may occur in the delivery, exhibition or removal of exhibits.

Premiums and Awards

  1. The superintendent of the department, or some other person appointed, shall assist the awarding committee as a clerk and shall keep a record of the awards made. The record, when competed, shall be signed by the awarding committee and returned to the secretary.
  2. Any interference by exhibitors to influence or dictate the decision of the judges will be sufficient cause for excluding his or her entry from the competition and should be reported to the secretary through the superintendent of the department. Decisions of judges are final.
  3. All awards shall be made by comparison of the individual merits of the entries. The judges may award no awards without reason if they believe they do not merit an award.
  4. All premium checks for Champion awards must be cashed within 30 days from date of issue.
  5. The following colors will be used in designating awards:
  • Royal Purple - Championship or Sweepstakes
  • Lavender - Reserve Champion
  • Blue - First Premium
  • Red - Second Premium
  • White - Third Premium
6. There will only be cash premiums for Champion, Reserve Champion, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.
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